Recharging My Batteries


This weekend marks my second attempt to bake with my Dad, Barley, since I tried to visit him in the winter. Last time, a best friend graciously picked me up from the train station, and even stopped so that I could get eggs and walnuts on the way. I was hoping to learn how to make his Cinnamon-Walnut Foldovers, a cookie that he used to bake around the holidays.  I knew it would be a challenge, because that was back when Barley used real butter, but as a food and health editor, I thought we could put our heads together and come up with a just-as-tasty, butterless version.

After ringing the doorbell multiple times, I searched the garage hiding spot for the key, while my friend patiently waited–one of the few friends who, like me, can find the comedy in these situations. (Growing up next door to me, Barley was once a close friend of her parents, and she still calls him “Uncle.”) I couldn’t find the key amidst all of the “collectibles” Barley finds when he’s out on his many walking excursions. Plus, now that his big blue Volkswagen Vanagon no longer runs, it’s permanently parked  in my grandmother’s garage, leaving little room for wedging oneself around the clutter. I told my friend that I would just wait, it wasn’t that cold, and Barley would be back soon, I just knew it.

Eventually, she drove me back to the train station, in exchange for a dozen eggs. I later learned that Barley was home, just napping, or “recharging his batteries,” as he often does. So this time, instead of buying ingredients, I’m bringing Crumbly Cranberry-Almond Biscotti with me. Here’s hoping I don’t have to enjoy it all by myself!


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