Barley's food pyramid

Barley's Food Pyramid

Barley doesn’t bake with butter. (In fact, it works out well; as an aspiring nutritionist, I don’t either.) These days, it’s hard not to be health conscious when it comes to indulging, but Barley takes his food choices to the extreme. He uses refined sugar sparingly, eats only whole grains, and generally subsists on fruits and vegetables, following the food pyramid more closely than any recipe.

Barley wears many hats: A baker, musician, Volkswagen enthusiast, grandfather, widower, and proud father of three, to name a few. But he’s not like everyone else. Favoring function over fashion, Barley duct tapes his hats back together when torn, and staples, rather than hems his pants. He won’t sign his name without coaxing, or use the phone, and prefers corresponding through postal mail,  saving his birthday cards for opening on a rainy day. He is tremendously intelligent, well-read, and well-traveled, but his thoughts are disconnected and sentences often out of context. But he still loves to bake, and  his eating habits keep him as healthy, mentally and physically, as he can be.


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